Jozef Ibarr was born in Mexico but since an early age he grew up in the Wisconsin (USA) with his younger siblings and his parents. He did return to Mexico to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in physics but had to abandoned college due to extraneous circumstances and never did returned back to school. At age 22, he returned to the States and took for a job working in a foundry, gardening, cleaning buses and working night shift doing sanitation for a food processing plant. In 2006, with money that he saved, he traveled to Europe for six months and ended up living for two months in the South of Morocco with a Tuareg community, and another two months in the Basque Country with an Ecuadorian community of immigrants. Back home from his journey, he decided to explore Mexico and Guatemala. Again, his solo travels lasted a little over six months, covering over 30 cities during that span. In 2008, one of Jozef’s dreams came true when he moved to Paris. There he taught himself French and photography. During his long sojourn in Europe, Jozef has lived 14 months with a community of Quechua speaking Ecuadorians in Spain (the same community he met in 2006). He also lived for almost a year in Helsinki, Finland before moving to Berlin, where he knew the art scene was most significant in Europe, and where he finished his Magnus Opus »Berlin Scars«. Jozef is currently learning German, Russian, salsa and bachata and taking pictures of his praying grandmother.


If you would like to contact jozef (he is pretty down to earth) send him a message to jozef.ibarr[@]